I’m back – New and Improved!

Hello everyone – everyone meaning the birds, the flies and the other dustmites that have grown on this page. I have finally decided to get back into the game of writing and here I am.

Why suddenly – I hear all of you groan. Just when everyone thought I’m done with the pen (ermm keyboard) and here I am to traumatise everyone with my writing again. Its simple, I’ve come to realise that my blog was an essential part of my life and penning my thoughts and having the freedom to speak up seemed to make me a better person – someone I liked a lot more.

Much has changed in the last couple of months since I last truly blogged (don’t count the one-off entries). I’m done with NUS and I am actively jobhunting. I’m done with my Arangetram and actively dancing – teaching dance at a couple of schools as well. I have had my fair share of ups and downs but I’m still alive and still fighting as hard as hell.

Point is, I am BACK. (Attempts a Nanny voice). Anyhow what is in store for you in the next couple of months? Don’t worry I won’t pain you with the intricate details of my life as I used to. Gosh I wonder how all of you dealt with my whiney nonsense and philosophical blah blahs all these years! Of course you’d still see the random entries of me and all that I have to say – can’t shut an Indian woman up! But I’m expecting more photologs, food reviews, place reviews and book reviews. This is of course if my life goes as I expect it to.

And I guess that’s why those of you who still stick around do stick around – When will this girl ever learn?

Not anytime soon! Cheers everyone! I’m back!