I am certain many people have been wondering why I have seemed to disappear from the face of the earth over the last few months. Here are a few reasons. This is going to be a brief entry and I promise a longer, more interesting one over the next few weeks.

1.I lost my handphone.

I lost my phone about 3 months ago. As it was a prepaid card, it seems I cannot replace that number. As such, I am no longer contactable at 94451556. If you need me, please leave a comment with your number. I will not publish the comment and instead send you my current contact. MSN and Facebook are good options too.

2.I am dancing a lot.

I have been spending close to 4-5 hours a day dancing. I’m preparing for my Arangetram which is on September 13th. As such, its an extremely busy period for me. Please try to understand if I am unable to attend gatherings or other events. My dance teacher is 72 and she’s putting in the effort daily to perfect my moves, the least I can do amidst bruised kneees and swollen toes is to put in the same or even more effort.

3.I am renewing my life.

I am tired of that person I was. I am out of the two messy entanglements I found myself caught in. I am finally feeling a little renewed and it helps to remove myself from that social circle. Somehow or rather when you keep hanging out with people who are in some way attached to your past, you keep spiralling downwards back into it. I am finally up and out of that rut and I feel like I have some control over it. I’m getting some good habits and losing many other bad habits, as such I feel good being this way.

4.I am learning that I can choose to do just the things that are good for me and make me happy.

I’ve spent enough years grinning and going through events I hated or being around people I dislike. I am no longer going to go to places or be with people who don’t actually want me there but invite me anyway. I don’t wish to waste anyone’s time and my time is too precious to be wasted. As such I am going to do and be at the places that make me happy.

5.I am in dire need of some ME-TIME.

I’ve spent the last few years being there for my friends, celebrating birthdays, partying after exams, chatting for hours and most of all sacrificing my own time. Right now, I am getting in touch with myself and I am learning to become that person I always wanted to be. I’ve grown unfortunately into someone I do not completely like. I am finally changing this and gaining back some of my principles. This means, I need more time with myself to learn and love myself again.

6.I am busy.

On top of teaching dance at Yuhua, and dance classes, I am also the President of ICS and an undergraduate going onto my 4th year in NUS. I am also hoping to clinch another school to teach dance at and possibly a corporate client too. On top of this, my 2nd sister is getting married soon. Also, I have performances almost thrice a months. This means I am really very busy.

Yet, I feel guilty for going missing on so many people. I assure all of you that I am alive and kicking. I just need to figure myself out and love myself before I come back and figure everyone else out. I hope I am surrounded by enough loving people who would quit giving me attitude when I finally do call or meet up because thats just a reminder for me to stay MIA.

Loving all of you, and myself.