Oh Paapa Laali

There will be times when it feels like there’s just too much to bear, that the world’s load is on your shoulders. There will be times when it feels like you have no more tears left to shed, and yet the tears don’t seem to stop. There will be times when you seem like you’re spiralled downwards and yet you hit new lows. There will be times when all you feel is pain, pain that jabs, pain that breaks and pain that pulls your soul down. There will be times when no words can reassure, no arms can comfort, no heart can shelter and no smile can brighten your day. There will be times when it feels like no one is there, or rather no one understands.

Just remember, you’re so much more than that.  God made some of us leaders, and some of us followers. God made you a genius. Your talent isn’t something you learnt or gained over practice, its a gift. It’s in your blood, it’s your legacy. In fact, you are your legacy. I am not even the least bit qualified to sing of your praises. That’s how immense this gift you have is.

There has been a time and a setting set for you to gain what you truly deserve. Whatever you are going through right now, its just a necessary process to keep you humble, to keep you anchored and to make the labour of your fruit even sweeter.

That little dream that sits so inconspicuously in your glove compartment isn’t just your best work, its your soul.

The next time you feel empty inside, look left, I’ll be there.