Campaign the Singapore Government to Stop Producing Cluster Bombs

Got this off an email from Seelan Palay. Thanks for sharing and I hope you guys will pass the information on!
Pictures of victims

Campaign the Singapore Government to Stop Producing Cluster Bombs

The Singapore government, through its government linked company, Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (ST Kinetics), manufactures, stockpiles and publicly advertises two types of cluster ammunitions for sale (Cluster Munition Coalition 2008) .

They are the ‘155mm DPICM artillery projectiles (containing 63 or 49 grenades) equipped with electro- mechanical self-destruct fuzes with an advertised dud rate of 3 percent’ and ‘a 120mm mortar bomb which delivers 25 DPICM grenades’ (Singapore Technologies Engineering n.d., cited in Cluster Munition Coalition, 2008 ).

As world governmental representatives converged in Dublin on the 19th May to seek an agreement on banning cluster bombs, the absence of major producers such as United States, China and Russia have seriously undermined these efforts (Gergely 2008) . The U.N. Development Programme claimed that ‘cluster munitions have caused more than 13,000 confirmed injuries and deaths around the world, the vast majority of them in Laos, Vietnam and Afghanistan’ (Gergely 2008).

In a brief online scan of Singapore’s two major newspapers, TODAY and Straits Times, dating 16 to 20 May, both well- read media in the country, have remained silent over this issue. The online blogosophere has also been muted on Singapore’s role in posessing such bombs.

Singapore has also not attended the international conferences held in Oslo, Lima, Vienna, and Wellington which seeks to prohibit the use of cluster bombs. As of April 2008, Singapore remains not having subscribed to the Wellington Declaration which ‘affirms the country’s “objective of concluding the negotiation of such an instrument prohibiting cluster munitions that cause unacceptable harm to civilians’. The declaration is a prerequisite to full participation in the conference in Dublin (Cluster Munition Coalition 2008).

Cluster munitions can cause excessive harm to civilians even when the conflict has been over for it ‘can remain a threat for decades’. It is primarily a weapon which contains ‘multiple explosive submunitions’ which are ‘dropped from aircraft or fired from the ground and designed to break open in midair, releasing the submunitions and saturating an area that can be the size of several football fields. Anybody within that area, be they military or civilian, is very likely to be killed or seriously injured’. Those that are not exploded, and most of them don’t, ‘are left on the ground and, like landmines, remain a fatal threat’. As such, people are prevented from using ‘their land and access schools and hospitals’. Cluster munitions have been used since the Second World War and most recently in Lebanon in 2006 (Cluster Munition Coalition Ireland 2008).

Given that the world-wide trend is towards banning cluster bombs; and that the Singapore government has remained steadfastedly committed to manufacturing and selling such munitions, Singaporeans should be duly concerned about these weapons being used against innocent civilians.

What then, can Singaporeans do, given that the media has not reported on this issue?

They can:

1.act as citizen journalists by highlighting this issue in their website or blog.
2.sign and forward the petition which is to campaign on the ban at Dublin at
3.Execute a nation-wide campaign to pressurise the government into entering into negotitions with the aim to ban cluster bombs.
4.Write to their MPs and urge them to field questions about this issue during Question Time in Parliament; or to the Opposition, appealing them to take up this cause.
5.Tell everyone you know about Singapore’s involvement as a producer of cluster munitions and its detrimental effects.

Knowledge is Power

If you love your country and feel that it is your right to know what happens, you must watch this. If you always thought your country was free and there was nothing to worry about, you must watch this. If you think your country has no moles, no secret police, no tyrants, you must watch this.

Knowledge is power and the more we know, the more we are empowered to fight against this. This is not a fight against our country, its a fight FOR our country. This film was made for a private screening. Yet the film was seized by MDA.

The film is about MM Lee and how has subjugated institutions within our country, hampering any progress towards a “free” nation. Its 45 minutes long, but I suggest you watch it before its lost in its circulation online as well (don’t assume the Internet is a free community).

The film is titled One Nation under Lee and is produced by fellow Indian and social activist Seelan Palay and Martyn See, film-maker.  Go to and click on the first thumbnail to your left. Here are some excerpts from news articles that have been written about this incident.

Undeterred, the organisers pressed on with the screening today. Just before it began at 2pm, officers from the Board of Film Censors showed up at the door to serve the reminder. Still, the 45 minute video was screened in its entirety, interrupted periodically by raised voices outside the hall. Apparently, plainclothes police officers were called in to seize the video as the organisers had refused to budge.

Just as the screening ended, BFC officers were ushered into the hall, given microphones and were told to explain to the audience, numbering about 80, about their intentions. They didn’t use the PA system, but were heard uttering something about wanting to seize the video, which were eventually given to them. Minutes later, another government officer came in, muttering about wanting to see the projector. After being repeatedly told that he could not, he left in a puff.

Extracted from

“The film, produced by activist and artist Seelan Pillay, was a narrative of how Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew subjugated various institutions in Singapore, such as the press, under the government’s control during his time as Prime Minister. It also depicted how the social divide in Singapore is a result of the People’s Action Party’s policies. The film included interviews with former Solicitor General Francis Seow, political detainee Said Zahari, opposition politician JB Jeyaretnam and scenes of various public protests which had taken place in Singapore”

Extracted from

“If it is an offence to screen such a film, then everyone with a birthday or wedding video would be criminalised,” Mr See said, adding that artists and writers must not be afraid to document and write when they see and hear.

He said that the film would be a “fantastic learning tool” for students and anybody who is interested in learning about Singapore should watch it.

Mr Seelan added that as an artist, he cannot care so much about laws. “Otherwise, art cannot take place. I need to make films about what I see and sometimes laws don’t allow that.”

Extracted from


Do watch the film and hit me back with what you thought about it!

A little lesson and some random thoughts

Hello world and its inhabitants! It must have been awhile since you last heard from me and if anyone still does occupy this space, I hope you read this. This is a little tutorial for all you earthly beings. Now, I know I am no expert on how the world works but I am sure I know a thing or two that might be of help to you, you and definitely you.


I am sure there have been times when you feel like someone’s messed up or someone is doing something the way they shouldn’t be doing it. Now lets analyse this. Why do you think they have messed up? Is it because you believe this person has messed it up and because s/he is not doing things the way YOU want them to do it?

If that’s the case then here’s a tip, get a life of your own to live. Start realising that not everyone has to follow your own rules and that we all have very very different ideals of what a “good” life is. “Good” is in fact so culturally relative. You might think that spending a night drinking different kinds of Tequila is your idea of a perfect life. I may not share that, but does that mean I get to decide that you’re a loser wasting your life away? You might be messing your liver up, but NO you are actually completely right in deciding what a good life is for yourself!

Now got that earthly beings? To the second point now. Suppose this person does think s/he is screwing up his/her life and you see what the problem is? What do you do? Do you A.Go around to all his/her friends and whine and complain B.Ignore that person because you think they aren’t worthy of your friendship or C.Talk to that person.

Now my dear friends, this might come as a shock to you but the answer is actually C. Amazing isn’t it? But its true, if you feel like someone has a problem, talking to them would actually help solve the problem or at least give you a bit of a better insight to this person’s actions. Trust me it actually works!

Now that I’ve attempted to contribute to the betterment of your lives my dear readers, let me get back to my usual self-loving self where all I want to talk about is myself and what concerns me. If you actually think I write for you, then this is where you press that little “X” on the right side of this window.


1.Why do people do all the rubbish in the world then the moment they are attached act like absolute SAINTS?

I’ve always been irked by this concept but I have a few friends who suffer from relationshipidentitis. See when they are single, they go about doing whatever they want to do, like dance and grind in clubs, smoke, drink and sleep around. Now notice, I am not saying this is the wrong way to live (please refer to TUTORIAL here). But the moment they get attached, they seem to make a complete turnaround, often acting like they’ve never seen a cigarette before and even frown upon others who choose to live the way they used to.

Let me relate this specific person who used to actually dance with me and my girl-friends in clubs. He was always around us like such a close friend and never ever made any judgements about us. Now the moment he got attached, one of my girl-friends actually caught wind of the fact that he was telling his gf that we girls are terrible in clubs! Now, now if only I had the power to turn back time and take a video or two of the things I’ve seen you do with chics in clubs and the stories I’ve heard. But its okay, I shall live and let live.

Its fine to do whatever you want, and change however you want, but please for gods sake, stop putting yourself on a pedestal assuming you have the right to judge the rest of the world. No one died and made you God (now that sounded wrong didn’t it?)

2.Why do foreign workers pray to ATMs?

Please don’t get me wrong. I am no xenophobic and as much as the foreign workers have irked me at times, I admit I have no rights to judge them since they contribute a lot more to society than I do. BUT I cannot for the life of me understand why they take so long at ATMs. I’ve been to Tekka a few times this week and the ATM at Tekka market has been removed so I have had to walk to Little India Arcade instead. And a queue with about 5-7 foreign workers takes about 30 minutes or so to pass! I am really not kidding. Today was not too bad but yesterday I had a terrible time waiting! What do they do in front of the machine? Pray that money will magically appear? Concentrate on amounts? Calculate and convert everything to home currency? Please remind me never to draw money at Tekka again.

3.Why do I attract psychos?

Do I give out some sort of hormones that just attract psychos? If Rainbow Rose man was not weird enough here are some other experiences I have had over the last few months.

Yesterday, a random woman sees me at Tekka and asks me for directions to Jalan Besar. I point out the general direction and she asks me if I am local. I say yes, and she tells me she is too but she hasn’t come to Tekka in a long time. Then she asks me if its very scary to drink coffee alone in Tekka. I tell her to go to Ananda Bhavan since its indoor and it shouldn’t be a problem. She says oh okay and asks me whether I want to join her for coffee and asks me 2-3 times to be sure I don’t want to join her. Okay maybe she’s being polite but I don’t think I randomly ask people to join me for coffee. Hell there are people I’ve been wanting to ask out for coffee for eons and still haven’t gotten to!

Then there’s this weirdo who messages this to me on Facebook. Apparently the time for Friendster-weirdos is over and its now Facebook.

“gf, ur beauty really mesmerize me. never in my life i ever came across a beautiful indian gal here in singapore… the movies of course la i ever saw b4…..but here in singapore not even once…..then i read ur profile n it says tat u r into men n women….n tat really pull my trigger to ask u if u care to add me up….well btw of ur looks, u r attractive. very attractive… but i noe where im standing. so lets go for a win-win solution…..only if u r attracted to me, or looking for companionship. (i call it pleasure frens) or u r set for a multiple orgasms…hahahaha j.j….then u can accept me k. wat do u thing…….is it a win-win solution?”

I really have no idea where to start on that one.

Now there are a lot of other weirdos I’ve met like the Starbucks waiter who insists I come again tomorrow and calls me by name and certain people who don’t seem to get the hint that I really do not enjoy seeing them. What would it take? Me hitting them smack on the head with something heavy and sharp?

ANYWAY, I am done ranting and before this becomes one of those pubescent blogs where I start going into painful details about exactly everything I did today and what exactly I bought and who I met and what I ate and okay you get the point, I shall STOP here and pray something significant happens for me to talk about or I can consider closing this blog!