Hey Psycho Macho – This one’s for you!

I know I try to avoid angsty posts but sometimes its just good to let it out and today I finally got exactly what I needed to totally throw you away. Wait, correction. I threw you away a long time ago but this is exactly what I needed to prove that you deserved to be thrown away. To protect your arse, lets just give you initials KF.

Firstly, you were the most nightmarish relationship any girl could possibly endure. Yea so what if you claimed you’re some big charmer? Its apparent you used those lines on every other girl. I still remember the times I would even shudder to SMS someone who was remotely male even though it was always platonic, you being the jerk you were always had questions for me. I remember the time you told me you’d break my face. I should have broken yours there and then. I remember how you used to diss my family, often going on for ages comparing them to your family. Fortunately I was brought up better so I shall not stoop to your level.

I love the way you go around telling people this new chic is the first to be brought home. Come on sweetheart, don’t you remember how you kept me around for ages by using that as a bloody mantra telling me your family trusts and loves me. I love the way you call me a fling to people you don’t know but when it comes to people who know me, you always make it a point to act like some bloody Devdas as though you gave your entire life up for me. Bullshit.

I remember how you made me feel so ugly, so cheap and so unworthy of you. I remember how the night before Dhool you told me your friend thought I wasn’t that great a dancer. I remember the times you’ve tried to convince me not to get involved in school activities because you wanted me to be with you. I still remember how time and time again you made me feel like you were doing me a favour being with me.

It feels so good now to see people tell me you’re such a jerk. It feels even better to hear that you met your current gf in January -when horror of horrors, we dated till March. Feels great to hear you spent your birthday with her, when I the girlfriend spent the entire evening assuming you were at DXO drinking.

Remember how guilty you made me feel the first time I ended things when you threatened to break my face? I wish I never came back. I remember how you made me face your entire family and now I wonder why I even bothered. Remember the ways you used to make me promise you I wouldn’t go for my friends’ farewell and the kind of attitude you used to give me when I decided to go meet them? I am so glad I don’t have to face it now.

Remember how you’ve always told me I am not that pretty, my makeup is not that great, my hair is terrible, oh my nails, goodness – I am so glad I am now around people who love me the way I am.

Its hilarious to see that you can now tell people so straight up that you cheated on me in those months. Thank you KF, it feels great to know for sure that you truly were a jerk. I love how your reason when you dumped me was that I gave you too much space – well sure seems like it was good enough space for you to be cheating on me aye.

Oh by the way does your current girlfriend know that you were messaging sometime in April telling me you missed me and that I was the only girl you ever brought home, about my legs(yes you perv), and what not? Sigh. Come on KF, I always thought you were up for an open relationship.

Its been 9 months since you’ve been out of my life and boy am I so glad. Ladies, this is a lesson to all of you – if my story sounds familiar – get him out of your life right now!


  1. Hey i was passing by and i read ure this particular entry. im glad ure out of it. i once was with such a guy and it was worst. i got engaged to him and when he was cheating his whole family knew and they were fine with it. it was so embrassing. anyways u take care and keep on rocking 🙂

  2. hey darling, that story sounds alll too familiar.. thank you for sharing. its good to know i’m not alone in dealing with such dipshits.

  3. haha… makkal.. im glad tt kevins (oops, im not good with initials ) is a closed chapter…

    make sure you never repeat this mistake again.. hahaha.. you deserve sumone soo much more that tt kind of crap..

    i hope his current gf reads this entry…

    to all the women readin this, make sure you bookmark this particular entry. Guys can appear to be damn damn sweet. but the truth is most of them can be real bastards esp with gals.. I’m a guy. i would know.. i have frens who can be damn damn sweet but beneath tt , you knoe they don have an ounce of respect for the lady..

    Having said all that, there are def nice guys out there la … yours truly included. heh
    Just be cautious

  4. hey I’m really glad that you have managed to come out of the shit. You truly deserve someone better. I totally understand how u feelin cos i’ve been there before. As much as there are these dusgusting jerks out there, there are definitely some sweethearts out there. Wishing you all the best to meet one soon 😉

  5. haha psycho macho, more like poser macho, seri seri good that u have left the past, lol this fella actually told u u are not good lookin??? and u wan gundu belive him? lol arivaali arivaali lol glad that u let it all out,


  6. Hey aarthi,

    God I didn’t know you were stuck to such .. ermz. nvm
    Very very pleased to know that you posted abt this! hope that bum gets to read it !!
    Deadpoet, men who are not as such… those gd guys u speak of … are a dying specie.
    Poor women like us may just have to end up making do.. urgh! i sense a dead end..

  7. hey love.. most of my guy friends are bums when it comes to non-platonic girls too. you don’t need jerks like KF. you’re too good for them. there will be one guy who’ll come along and who’ll sweep you off your feet completely.. who’ll make you feel complete more then anything else. i’ve found mine and you’ll find yours soon enough too. till then, do yourself a favour, dump the jerks that you come across. love.

  8. I think it is easy to blame everyone and a lot of times, this author has blamed the guys. Point to note there are jackasses out there. Another point tonote would be that the author is seemingly attracted to and is onli attracting the screwed-up kind of guys. work on that, and the rest will fall in place

  9. I just knew it! That f***** is a piece of shit! Cheating piece of turd.Pathetic excuse for a human. He dare talk about our family ah? He asking for all hell to break loose is it??
    And you, my doll, is the most beautiful chica in the world and don’t you ever, ever, ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

  10. I loved this entry. I mean, it’s so easy to believe their lies and drama. It takes some courage to look at them for the low-lives they are. The worst thing is, we don’t believe their lies because we’re weak – usually we try to be strong, open and understanding by giving them the benefit of the doubt. Although, I really think what we need to give them, is actually a kick up their sorry arses.

    But anyway, good on you RT. It’s a good thing you’re out. I hope the current gf reads this and wisens up or at least gives him a hard time too.

    To intelligent women!!!

  11. I am in love with your gutsy entry! hats off lady!

    This post made me recall of a number of jerks that i hav met and hurt me over and over again. Anyway, i realised everytime a WOMAN falls she PICKS herself UP faster and becomes STRONGER. How we can look at them in their eyes and how they look away in guilt and hide behind their gf’s skirt! hahahahaha….

    to all the jerks, GET A LIFE!

    To all the strong-hearted ladies, ROCK ON!

  12. heya babe. i came across ur blog just after i had done a similar post two days ago. sighs. all that intro to family, making us feel low abt ourselves and wat not, sighz i am glad mine is all over too. dun worry babe. kinda coincidental that both our relationships were similar and somehow had involved each other in sum way. geez. well i guess there is no turning back for such jerks in our lives anymore. getting so emotionally involved and the pain with all tat love and recurring memory lane shit… i guess we’re worth more than wat was just given to us.

    be strong and ask KF ( and FW included) to screw off. we dun know their true sides till we fall head over heels in love with them. and now that we are gg back to who we really are, we know we are just better off that all those din last a tad longer.

    btw i admire ur guts abt being so detailed. sighs when i did my post, i had to add all those ambiguity but alas! at the end of it all, i just cun help it. lolz.

    love ya! u tc.

  13. I’m glad you are out of it! 🙂 Sometimes being too nice and hoping that there may be good in people actually makes us more hurt and victimized for no reason whatsoever.

    Excellent entry about men and just a resounding kudos to an awesome chica, who is one of the bravest I have ever seen. 🙂

  14. I am just a bloghopper. I love reading your entries….i really envy you for putting all ur feelings into writing..i simply cant do tat…

    my note:
    Trust GOD.
    Pray to GOD and your prayers will be answered…

  15. hey there. I went thru sth like that a few months back. Mine was unusual. this gal who claimed to be a lesbian influenced a straight gal like me to go on with her and the next thing i realised she was falling for my fren and they simply were goin on behind my back. Surprisingly she loves breaking up with ppl saying “u too low class for me” , “you too ugly for me” , “you dunno how to mast”, “u dunno how to finger” and all. to be frank i’ve never seen this fuck a person before. whatever la , this assholes shld learn a fucking lesson, fuck them n they will rot on hell

  16. Has anyone ever asked what was the other party’s reason to act as such? I’m not saying its right of him to do it neither am i saying he’s wrong. A situation like this has to have two sides to it. Personally, i feel it is unfair to condemn the other without knowing the full truth. There may have been a better side to KF. But this author left out that part. Sometimes it is good not to come to a conclusion just by reading an entry.

    Nonetheless, whatever this author have been through was not right. But to look down on the other party in extremes, just not agreeable. And i’m presuming the comments left are of those closer to the author. So by nature, they remain oblivious to the other party’s side of the story.

    On the other end, if KF was never a nice person, i’m glad you left the relationship. If by chance he had more good characters than bad, then you should put down some entries of that.

    I’m just a bloghopper and i came across yours. Thought of leaving my opinion. If it is going to offend you in any way, i’m sorry.

  17. I love ur entry…tnx Dear..u kinda made me think too..

  18. aarti.. i dun understand y u are bringing up this matter once again and dissing kevin. i personally know kevin for many years and yes he had been through countless relationships. but u also have to take the responsibility in your relationship with kevin to fail prematurely as u made a mistake in not enquiring about the character of kevin from his close friends(seshan,jay,vjay….) studying in the same university as u are. if u have done that, u would have known alot more about kevin and would have thought twice before engaging in a serious relationship with him. hence part of the mistake lies in you. if u really have some unfinished business with kevin, settle it directly with him and don’t act immaturely by posting it in your blog. by the way, u are making yourself sound silly by advising his current gf indirectly on not to carry on with their relationship. lastly, can u pls get on with ur life and stop blabbering on your past relationship. thank u.

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