Dimwit #1

Time and time again people amuse me with their stupidity. But some always manage to take the cake. I don’t know how they do it but they do.

Let me tell you all a story and then you guys tell me if this dimwit deserves to be here or not.

See, I met this person through a bunch of Thanesh’s friends. He is basically a bit of a loser but i guess his friends don’t tell him that. Anyway he didn’t really affect me and I couldn’t give two hoots about his existence apart from the polite hi-byes when we bump into each other at gatherings or in the clubs.

Much later, once Thanesh and I were no longer together, I saw him again after jasmine’s 21st birthday when we headed down to Gotham and thereafter Bumblebeez. I of course saw him at the latter. So this dear boy talks to me and everything and horror of horrors when i go back home, he messages me. I guess i thought he was harmless cos after all he was part of a trusty clique and the other guys in that clique never seemed to bother me very much.

Imagine the shock I get when I decide he isn’t worth my sms-ing money and I decide to ignore his messages and wake up the next day to see like 15 missed calls from his number. I totally freaked out. So i messaged him and told him off telling him he must be really psychotic to call someone this many times in the span of a night. He apologises and I take it as an overly excited boy or someone under the intoxication of alcohol. After that day, I ignored most of his “What are you doing?” messages.

Last Friday however, I had the arse luck of bumping into him again. As i mentioned before he belonged to a clique i was connected to in many different social networking chains. We however simply said a Hi and let things be. So i kind of forgot about his existence there and he didn’t quite bother me very much for most part of the day(except when he nearly got hold of my new number when i was passing it to this girl called Geetha).

Yesterday, I get a heart attack when Kevin(my last relationship) messaged me asking how my Friday night rendezvous was and showed some disgust towards me. I really flipped out because I had no clue what he was talking about. Apparently some DIMWIT had told him that after clubbing i was seen outside a budget hotel(implying I slept with somebody).

So i am obviously infuriated because everyone knows I went home straight after clubbing and I even had witnesses to that. So i asked him who gave him this wonderful news and it turns out to be this DIMWIT.

Two things I do not understand. Firstly, why would you come with such a bullshit story? Secondly, why tell it to my ex boyfriend? (doesn’t the word ex denote anything at all?)

So i messaged this guy(was in the midst of a meeting) and screwed him left right centre and he apologises profusely. Even mentioning that it was all a lie and that some guy Ravi was the one who made up the story. I asked him to give me this Ravi’s number and how convenient! Ravi apparently left for the US that very day. Do i look like an idiot?

So i insist he calls Kevin up and sets the story straight because I have self respect and dignity even when it comes to previous relationships. So he says that he will and apologises some more.

The next day, I ask Kevin if he had gotten a call from the dimwit. He says No. I message the dimwit and threaten him saying the whole world will know of his existence if he doesn’t call Kevin. So he calls Kevin.

But guess what? He doesn’t keep to his word of setting the issue straight and instead claims that the only reason he called Kevin is because I threatened to tarnish his reputation.

I got even more peeved than I already was and I messaged this guy and asked him what was wrong with him and all he does is offer continuous and profuse apologies.

Nevertheless, he has chosen not to settle the issue with me as he has not responded and I have thus confirmed that he must be a DIMWIT.

Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks this guy is a dimwit but that is not any of my issue. My point is very simple, if I haven’t affected you in any way or given you any kind of trouble, then what kind of satisfaction do you get by making up really obviously untrue stories about me?

So I have decided to give him his few minutes of fame. See sweetie, if you want fame, just tell me. No need to make stories up to get people to like you or want to be your friend. I will do you the favour. 🙂

Dimwit #1


  1. I’ve seen this guy around. He deserves it! Asshole…….think he should kids central since he is so into story telling…

  2. im waiting for dimwit no 2! anywayss babe, this kinda things onli happen to you issit haha. interesting life u have.

  3. he sure lOoks like a total dimwit.
    behaviour wise. ditto

    he really deserves the five mins of fame
    maybe next time.
    he juz shuddup


  4. i like the temple background.

    just shows that even god can’t help you if you are a dimwit…hahaha 😛

  5. Lool at it on the bright side. They never fail to amuse you.

  6. Hi sweets, seriously the kinda things you have to put up with. Haha, but nice one, i’m sure he’ll stay outta your way now. Haha, i do think you’re mighty generous though, dimwit, ONLY? cheers 🙂

  7. Ouch…this post will definately hurt his ego*burst*!

    Hahah….guys beware of who u mess with ya!!!

    God bless…..

  8. hmmm.. why does the structure of this entry look all too familiar now?? 😉

  9. Reena: tell me about it la. never mind, he might get some offers after this.
    Aishah: story of my life babe.
    Kiira: I hope he will learn so that he won’t disturb any other girls the next time
    A: Divine intervention also cannot help stupidity la.
    Chris: Ah ever the optimist!
    Vidhya: I have decided to be nice la and i no longer splash profanities all over my blog. Those were the days of flaming!
    Dwagster: That shld teach him
    Karthik: Hahaha Inspired by you. But actually you at first inspired by me to flame what so now i inspire back lor!
    Cheers all!

  10. i lurve e way u write. i understand ur situatuion cos its simply annoyign that ppl thk ey r too perfect o judge others. dun give a damn about al these shit!

    tk care. and continue writing =)

  11. Sigh… some people are nutured to be losers. Some are blessed with it. 😀 Losers like our ‘hunk’ here would get their retribution for spreading nasty things in due time my friend. Till then, let us all take the chill pill and let Karma take its course k hunny! You are way too smoking for him! lol…hugs*

  12. hye..i know this ‘maplex’… he was in the same company as i was in commandos.. he used to be a lamebrain in ns n has proven to be one in real life through this incident.. he has the attributes of a typical gossiping ‘indian aunty’…lol…

    btw Aarti, u rock on gal..interesting blog…


  13. I cant wait to see who’s Dimwit #2,3,4,5 etc..Coz I KNOW there’s plenty more lurking around..*mumbles*

  14. Suchitra: Thanks girl. 😉
    Mike: Hahaha. Apparently all the rest of the people who know him have the same things to say.
    Sumi: You wanna contribute any girl?

  15. and man did i enjoy his 5mins of fame.

    oh and btw i’ve moved.

  16. hahah yeah i totally agree with shalini.

    But woman, dont you think Dimwit is an understatement to that fella?

  17. Shal : ok dear, will change the link soon.
    Sham: Yea la. During Pesuvom they tell me not to talk meanly or affect others with my writing what.. so i must be good and subtle. I guess people can make their own conclusions 😉

  18. seriously reminds me of a cartoon! that guy…

  19. hahah yeah man. i mean if we are going to keep thinking of how others are going to be affected and all, my god, we need to draft out couple of blog entries before publishing man.

  20. more then a dimwit la. sounds like a freak of nature. and wats with the bumble beez thing aarthi? the place sucks dontcha think? thank GOD its gone hahaha

  21. u shud try St JAMES! fucken AWESOME

  22. ahaha. bumblebeez ah? i went there cos we were all club hopping. we were initially at gotham – checking out the male strippers :P. then we went to bumblez. i don’t club la girl. you should know me. i’ve never danced in a club, gotten up on the podium, gotten drunk. all that. 😛

  23. i will bitchslap u so hard u WILL REMEMBER we were on the podium together! and for PUSSYCATDOLLS AS THAT, and yes the male exoticas in gotham are effing HAWT man!

  24. Ooooo i LOVED this entry! if only i have as much balls as you to do that to some bas-turd annoyin the shiits out of a dear friend of mine!
    and as always.. love the blog 🙂

  25. hey babe we haven’t spoken in a while. but anyhowss i decided to comment cos something similar to this happened to me a while ago, and i somehow became known in a group of guys as a slut. guess what i did? i didn’t do anything cos i didn’t think they were worth an explanation from me.hmm but after reading this i’m wondering if i should have..

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